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This is my personal website where I post i information about my career and things that are of interest to me. I am a game creator. I have programmed, managed, and created numerous games over my 25+ years of being involved with computers.

Unfortunately, you won't find any magical program that will create a game from that wonderful super cool idea that you have. At least not yet. Who knows maybe someday I'll get around to writing it and put myself out of work.

However, along with my personal data, I have posted some information on how beginning game creators can get started. While the ultimate game creation program may not yet be available, there are plenty of resources available to you if you don't mind putting a little thought and effort into it. Click on the Gaming Resources button for a quick rundown of packages that I recommend.

If you came across my site while looking for the Dark Basic programming language, (Their domain is actually thegamecreators.com) you will find a link to their site under Gaming Resources.

Have fun looking around. If you've played any of my games and enjoyed them (or not) feel free to drop me a line. I will do my best to answer them, providing I'm not in crunch mode on a current project.

NFL Head Coach
Published June 2006. My work on this title consisted of implementing the online networking portion of the game.  This was my second project at Electronic Arts - Tiburon.
Other Releases

Dark Basic & Dark Basic Pro
BASIC has come a long way since I started programming my OSI C1P with Microsoft 8K BASIC. (Yes, the entire programming language fit within 8K of ROM.) These BASICs are much more modular and object oriented than the old slow interpreted versions of yesterday. Dark Basic is designed specifically for DirectX based PC games. You can click the link below to go to their web site.
Dark Basic Website
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